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  • RF4R110ACC, 220ACC Arteche Relay

RF4R110ACC, 220ACC Arteche Relay

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01 / 12 / 2019
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PT Quinratu Karya Prisma
Merupakan perusahaan yang berkonsentrasi dalam bidang electrikal, baik untuk penyediaan material part maupun untuk sarvice, maintenance dan perencanaan electrician untuk industri building dan lain lain. Sesuai dengan moto perusahaan kamu "WE ARE SOLUTION FOR ELECTRICAL"
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Detail RF4R110ACC, 220ACC Arteche Relay

Auxiliary relays with four changeover contacts, able to be plugged into the various types of " F" sockets. NOTABLE CHARACTERISTICS New options have been included in ARTECHE relays. The design, durability and quality of these relays guarantee their application in high responsibility controls such as power stations, substations, railway, industries of continuous processes ( petrochemical, rolling mills, cement and chemical industries) , etc. According with the most demanding test standards: IEC, EN, IEEE, and bearing the CE mark. The great power of the output contacts allows direct action on HV and MV switchgear, because of its making/ breaking capacities, high permanent current and overvoltage capacity
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