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  • Earth Leakage Protection Fanox

Earth Leakage Protection Fanox

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01 / 12 / 2019
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PT Quinratu Karya Prisma
Merupakan perusahaan yang berkonsentrasi dalam bidang electrikal, baik untuk penyediaan material part maupun untuk sarvice, maintenance dan perencanaan electrician untuk industri building dan lain lain. Sesuai dengan moto perusahaan kamu "WE ARE SOLUTION FOR ELECTRICAL"
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Detail Earth Leakage Protection Fanox

SUPERIMMUNIZED MULTIRANGE RELAY with automatic reclosing • Electronic relays with automatic reclosing up to 3 attempts with defined ( 1 m) or adjustable ( 1 to 60 s) time. • Adjustable time delay and sensitivity. • Suitable for direct pulse current. • Immune to external disturbances. • Very high level of immunity. • Modular size. DIN rail mounting. • To be used with CT-1 transformers. • Suitable for electrical distribution boards in general. • Sealable front cover. Toroidal transformers: • To be used with ELR-B, ELR-3C and D30 relays. • The transformer and relay assembly sensitivity is fixed by the relay. • The toroidal transformer CTD-1/ 28 is specifically designed for DIN rail mounting. Working principles: The toroidal transformer is installed between the source and the load. The system works on the current balance principle. In a correct installation the vector sum of the currents is zero and the relay will not trip. In case of an insulation fault on the circuit a leakage current flows to earth. Now the vector sum of the current passing through the transformer is not zero, this imbalance is detected by the transformer, which induces a current in the secondary winding which is connected to the relay. If the fault level is higher than the selected sensitivity, and when the trip time delay has elapsed, the relay trips and actuates on the shunt trip of a circuit breaker or the coil of a contactor interrupting the supply to the load. The dimensioning of the toroidal transformer depends on the diameter of all active wires ( not earth conductors) put through the transformers.
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