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  • AREVA fuse 3, 3 Kv - 36 Kv

AREVA Fuse 3, 3 Kv - 36 Kv

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16 / 12 / 2019
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PT Quinratu Karya Prisma
Merupakan perusahaan yang berkonsentrasi dalam bidang electrikal, baik untuk penyediaan material part maupun untuk sarvice, maintenance dan perencanaan electrician untuk industri building dan lain lain. Sesuai dengan moto perusahaan kamu "WE ARE SOLUTION FOR ELECTRICAL"
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Detail AREVA Fuse 3, 3 Kv - 36 Kv

These fuse links are intended to protect high-voltage distribution networks and transformers according to the International Standard IEC 60282-. They are of current-limiting type and for indoor as well as outdoor use. The line is made by: ï ¿ ½ Back-up fuse links with or without CPD ( Controlled Power Dissipation) , ï ¿ ½ General Purpose type fuse links. The line lies between 3/ 7.2 kV and 20/ 36 kV of rated voltage. Two ranges exist in this line : ï ¿ ½ International range complying with IEC 60282-1, ï ¿ ½ German range complying with IEC 60282-1 ( VDE 0670 T4) as well as VDE 0670 T402. The Controlled Power Dissipation ( CPD) from Ferraz Shawmut is driven par power dissipation and not only by temperature. While operating faster, it avoids high temperatures especially in SF6 switchgear. The mechanism of the CPD actuates the ï ¿ ½ mediumï ¿ ½ type striker of the fuse link. In that case a combination with a switch is required.
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