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Ameritec AM2-A

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01 / 12 / 2019
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PT Quinratu Karya Prisma
Merupakan perusahaan yang berkonsentrasi dalam bidang electrikal, baik untuk penyediaan material part maupun untuk sarvice, maintenance dan perencanaan electrician untuk industri building dan lain lain. Sesuai dengan moto perusahaan kamu "WE ARE SOLUTION FOR ELECTRICAL"
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Detail Ameritec AM2-A

* Provides line interfaces for 64 analog ( POTS) bi-directional lines that enables the user the ability to develop a test environment with low or high line counts and multiple interfaces * Self-contained and portable, featuring a built-in user interface * Used alone , it can simulate one to hundreds of telephony subscribers * Call volume is typically 16, 000 confirmed calls per hour ( DTMF dialing, tone ID confirmation, 64 paired lines) * Line interface - loop start, 2-wire ( optional ground start) * Equipped with Pulse, DTMF, MF R1 and MF R2 dialing; 900 ohm impedance ( optional 600 ohm impedance) * Optional 50Hz, 12kHz and 16kHz Meter Pulse Detection, Caller ID / ADSI, Voice Replay and Voice Over Packet Ameritec' s FeatureCall™ GUI, can control up to 32 AM2 Niagara units via an Ethernet® TCP/ IP LAN or RS232 port. Through the use of user defined call scripts and line protocols, user can tailor test scenarios to meet a broad range of testing requirements. * Actions of each simulated subscriber are independently controlled through unique parameter fields defined in user programmed Call Scripts. * Call Scripts include capabilities for testing signaling, dialing, digit decoding, tone sending, tone receiving and path verification and delays * Scripts can also simulate multiple subscribers allowing testing of multiple-party calls such as conference calling Applications * Central Office or PBX Switches and Network * Voice Over Packet Systems * Intelligent Network ( IN) Applications * Voice Mail Systems * Computer Telephony Integration ( CTI) systems and applications * Automatic Call Distribution ( ACD) systems * Interactive Voice Response ( IVR) systems * Paging Systems * Etc.
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